Seminar with Dr. S.E. Susan Mc Kenny

Susan Mc Kenny

The IMTE group had an exclusive seminar with Dr. Susan Mc Kenny, from the University of Twente on Wednesday, November 19th. Mc Kennyis the co-author of ” Conducting Educational Design Research” and her contrubution to the IMTE project was very welcome.

The next day, Dr. Mc Kenny had a seminar with researchers from several colleges and universities, arranged by UH-nett Vest, where she presented EDR as a model for the combination of  practical and theoretical design research in education.

Reflection Cycles for the IMTE projects

Wednesday Oktober 22nd is the first reflection-meeting

All the participants in the IMTE projects met up for discussions of the work so far – share their common reflections on all parts of the projects; the plan, the ongoing activities, feedback on supervisions and future needs for adjustments. The next Reflection Cycle Theme was also presented.

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Kick off seminar for GLU students

September 17th was the kickoff for all participants in IMTE-projects.

The aim for the day was to establish common ground for the projects’ different participants; teacher students, teacher supervisors and the project management.

The day was organized with 6 different posts or stations that the participants visited once during the day. Each station had a small workshop on the theme improvisation:

  • Improvisation in Science and art
  • The example as improvisational element
  • Improvisation in the assessment dialog
  • Improvisation as ambitious teaching in mathematics
  • Improvisation in multimodal teaching