London meeting continued

Important work was also carried out in relation to module 3 when Gavriel Salomon (PI) ( met with Sigurd Sandvold and Martin Sjoen. Their starting point is to use facebook to connect groups of students with different national backgrounds to discuss topics such as prejudice and tolerance in relation to e.g. the issue of immigration. Classes from schools with large immigrant populations will be set in contact with classes from schools deemed stereotypically “Norwegian”, and an established survey from peace studies in Israel will be used to tap the 10.graders attitudes towards each other, before, and twice after, the intervention. The main objective is to try out and evaluate one way to use social media as a means to authenticate work with value based educational objectives and expand its reach beyond the confines of the classroom. The intervention will take place in September-November 2013.

professor Gavriel Salomon

Professor Gavriel Salomon