Students’ voices in the Nordic countries

The large-scale student survey was primarily designed to collect data which could help us answer the question: What are students own thoughts and perceptions about the relationship between their new media practices and education? Focus group interviews with students and teachers were carried out to provide a basis for the construction of the questionnaire, and further refinement was needed after each of the three pilot tests. We ended up with a questionnaire consisting of 120 items divided between 10 “constructs” in addition to background variables. Some of the constructs were drawn from established batteries (PISA study in particular).

The construction of the student survey and its translation into Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish was carried out autumn 2012, and the distribution of questionnaires, and collection and punching of data took place January-May 2013. So far 3400 students from the Finnish, Swedish-Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian populations have answered, and the first tentative data analyses are carried out as we speak (12.June 2013). The invaluable help of our Swedish and Finnish partners need special mention. The distribution and collection of questionnaires was primarily carried out by Kati Lindèn (Swedish-Finnish students), Kari Kosonen (Finnish students) and Erika Gillblad (Swedish students). We could not have managed without the close cooperation with our steering committee members professor Erno Lethinen (University of Turku) and professor Per-Olof Erixon (University of Umeå), and our partner professor Liisa Illomäki (University of Helsinki). To aid us in the more advanced data analyses, head of module 1, professor Eyvind Elstad (University of Oslo) has acquired the help of his colleague, professor Knut-Andreas Christophersen (University of Oslo). The first findings from the survey will be presented for a full Steering Committee at the meeting in Munich 28.August 2013.

Professor Eyvind Elstad - Head of module 1

Professor Eyvind Elstad – Head of module 1

Co-PI, PhD-candidate and coordinator Thomas Arnesen

Co-PI, PhD-candidate and coordinator Thomas Arnesen