To make an impact – Research Council Seminar

Lars Vavik, Thomas Arnesen and Hege Myklebust represented “Learning in the 21st century” at the Norwegian Research Council’s seminar, “To make an impact”, Thursday and Friday (13-14.June) and met with the PIs, researchers and PhDs from the other projects which are part of the Council’s PRAKUT-programme. The seminar focus was on how and in what ways do the projects hope to make an impact on classroom practices – decidedly a worthy topic to consider! The first day was spent listening to the experiences of researchers and teachers who participated in the previous research programme. The Lade project headed by Prof. Postholm NTNU received much attention both because of the successful manner in which it was carried out, but also because of the difficulties involved in sustaining the positive impact after the end of the project period. The teachers at Lade expressed the need to initiate a new project dedicated to how to develop quality lessons in technology-rich environments. Perhaps a future research partner for “Learning in the 21st century”?

Prof. Ingrid Carlgren (University of Stockholm) initiated the proceedings day 2 with a lecture on the gap between research and practice in education, and how this gap is seen as either a problem of implementing research findings or as a problem of lack of relevant research. As a response to this problem she called for more ‘clinical’ research in education in which research questions emerge in the classroom as a consequence of experienced knowledge gaps, and are pursued according to the rigorous demands of research. She proposed the Japanese ‘lesson’ or ‘learning studies’ as a possible way forward (see more at Afterwards, there were group discussions among members of different projects about plans and visions pertaining to making an impact.