Steering committee meeting at EARLI 2013 in München

The steering committee for “learning in the 21st century” got together with Lars Vavik, Gavriel Salomon, Thomas Arnesen, Eyvind Elstad, Hege Myklebust and Kristiina Kompulainen for the first time at EARLI2013 in Munich. First on the agenda was a brief presentation of some selected main findings from module one showing how the vast majority of students themselves perceive of school as meaningful, social, helping with their self-regulation and important for their lives outside school. Points that were discussed included; which conception of school formed the basis for the statements presented for students (and what conception of school did they have in mind when answering)? How can we, or why would we, compare school with net? What is the rationale in light of which the findings are interesting? And, how can the findings be useful in efforts to bring education forward?

Second on the agenda was the conceptualization of “bridging between Internet and educational cultures: capitalizing on students’ digital strengths – compensating for desired capabilities”. First, each board member presented their ideas and thoughts about the concept of ‘bridging’, before Kristiina Kompulainen presented her “learning bridges”-project and Hege Myklebust introduced her ideas about using school to bridge quality gaps in teens’ online argumentative writing. The learning bridges-project was designed to increase students’ engagement with and ownership of the content and process of learning core curricula via more project oriented approaches to teaching. Students working on their projects voluntarily in their spare time was for Kristiina a measure of success. Shulman suggested that more work should be oriented towards how engaging experiences turn into habits of mind and become part of students’ identities, instead of just one-off happenings. Myklebust got a lot of positive feedback from both Shulman and Resnick on her research proposal due to the beauty and simplicity of the idea to use school to promote teens’ more intelligent argumentative writing online.


Lee Shulman, Lauren Resnick, Lars Vavik, Kristiina Kompulainen, Gavriel Salomon, Erno Lehtinen, Thomas Arnesen, Per-Olof Erixon, Gert Biesta, and Eyvind Elstad. Hege Myklebust (taking the photo)