About the Project

Learning in the 21st Century is funded by the Norwegian Research Council’s program PRAKUT to carry out theoretical and empirical studies of the relationship between education and young people’s new media practices.

The overall objective is to find ways to maximize utility, and minimize futility, of new media practices in developing the interlinked core functions of education; qualification, subjectification and socialization.

Since school must take into consideration the purposes of education, young people’s participation in digital learning communities outside of school cannot be directly transferred into school settings.

Based on an understanding of the continued relevance of the content of main school subjects and the need to develop higher order thinking skills, we propose to view out-of-school learning as complex and multifaceted consisting of both beneficial and detrimental content and processes.

Our task is identify ways in which education can capitalize on these new media practices, while at the same time compensate for desired capabilities.

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