Prof. Dr. Kari Smith

Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr. Kari Smith
Time: 10th June, 14:30 – 16:00 & 11th June, 10:45 – 12:15
From abstract to presentation to paper

The conference abstract is written, has been accepted, and the conference is approaching.  In this workshop we will first discuss how to prepare a conference presentation for an international audience before taking the challenging leap to writing a full paper. Some conferences require full papers, and if not, all conference presentations can and should be developed into papers.

The participants are requested to bring conference abstracts to the workshop, and to prepare questions and issues for discussion.

Prof. Dr. Kari Smith

Prof. Dr. Kari Smith, (photo: M. Kulild)

Kari Smith is professor in pedagogy at NTNU (Norwegian university of science and technology) where she from 2015 also will be the academic leader of NAFOL (The Norwegian graduate school in teacher education). Her main research interests focus on teacher education, professional development, mentoring novice teachers and assessment for and of learning. She has a large international scholary network and publishes books and articles in English, Hebrew and Norwegian. Smith has been chair of NAFOL since it was established in 2010 through 2014.