Participation (GRS)

Ways to Participate

The GRS invites presentations from anyone actively involved in research, such as Ph.D. candidates, artistic research fellows, ‘førstelektor’ candidates and senior researchers.

Oral Candidate Presentations

We invite candidates to choose between 3 kinds of candidate presentations:

  • Oral Ph.D. presentation
    (related to ongoing research projects and Ph.D. work specifically).
    Format is 20 minutes presentation + 20 minutes feedback.
  • Oral presentation related to key text material.
    Format is 20 minutes presentation + 20 minutes feedback.
  • GRS Candidate Roundtable
    GRS candidates are invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on the conference theme “The art and science of improvisation”. The discussion will involve up to 5 candidates each giving 15 min presentation followed by questions and discussion.

GRS Research Installation

Candidates that choose to give an oral presentation are also expected to present their work in the GRS Research Installation. Candidates can present their current research project in a special installation which will be displayed for the duration of the Stord Summer School. The installation will be one way to communicate about GRS research to all the Summer School participants. The format for presentations is open and may take the form of posters, displays of images, artefacts or multimedia.

During the course GRS will host a special session where those involved will be given 5-10 mins talk about their poster/display and answer questions. We hope everyone connected to GRS, both candidates and senior researchers, will take the opportunity to disseminate their work in this way, so we can represent the breadth and depth of the research undertaken by the GRS community.

Please submit a 300 word abstract describing the display and a list of resources/technical requirements.

Oral presentations – how to prepare?

Ph.D. presentation (oral submission): 20 minutes
This presentation should be directly related to the candidates Ph.D. research. These presentations will be followed by feedback from keynote speakers/GRS senior researchers and other Ph.D. candidates.

How to prepare for the oral presentation?
This presentation should take the form of a research lecture considering one or two key questions or issues important to the work. Candidates should choose carefully how much to present given the time limitation. Use of appropriate audio/visual materials is recommended where possible. It is also recommended that candidates give clear information as to how the material of the presentation fits within the context of the Ph.D. as a whole.

Key text presentation: 20 minutes
Candidates can give a short presentation on an article or book chapter of their choice. The text chosen should be important to their Ph.D. research. Candidates can choose texts that strongly support or have influenced their thesis, or texts that challenge or oppose their work.

How to prepare for the key text presentation?
All presentations should be a clear, concise summary of the text, key questions and findings conclusions. Candidates should also consider including discussion of one or more of the following points.

  • Summary of how the text has been significant to the candidate’s work specifically, or their field more generally.
  • Summary of any opposition to/critiques of the text and its conclusions.
  • Suggestions for further reading on the topic.

GRS Candidate Roundtable: 15 minutes presentation + active participation in the roundtable discussion
Candidates are invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on the conference theme “The art and science of improvisation”. The discussion will involve up to 5 candidates each giving 15 min presentation followed by questions and discussion.

How to prepare for the Roundtable?
Candidates that are selected to participate in the roundtable will receive mentoring from a senior researcher to prepare their presentation.

Førstelektor candidates are invited to a meeting to focus specifically on their work.

Candidates are encouraged to give a short presentation outlining their current work and progress towards førstelektor status. Presentations should be around 20 minutes and can be in Norwegian. Support and feedback will be given by members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the GRS and other førstelektor candidates.

If you would like to participate in this session register with by 15th January.

Credits and requirements

Credits awarded:

3 ECTS credits:
Active participation (full attendance and approved presentation).

5 ECTS credits:
Active participation and approved written assignment.


Active participation means to:

  • actively participate in the course activities
  • give one presentation during the course (oral presentation and/or participation in roundtable)
  • present your research project in GRS Research Installation
  • take responsibility for giving peer feedback to other candidates

All tuition is compulsory, and there should not be absence of more than 20%. Submitting a written as-signment after the course is optional.

NB. Candidates can participate in more than one type of presentations if they wish and if there is space in the programme.

Submission deadlines (GRS)

Abstract submission for Ph.D. presentation and Key text presentation:

  • There should be submitted an abstract for both Ph.D. presentation and for Key text presentation.
  • The abstract should be no more than 300 words, include 4-8 keywords and cite between 2-4 references.
  • Abstract + a short biographie (50-100 words) should be submitted to within January 15th.

Signing up for participation in the Candidate Roundtable discussion or in the Førstelektor Group Meeting:

  • The candidate should register for participation by sending an email with a short biographie (50-100 words) to within January 15th.

Abstract submission for GRS Research Installation:

  • A 300 word abstract describing the display and a list of resources/technical requirements should be submitted to within January 15th.

Written assignment submission (optional):

  • An assignment of 5000-6000 words should be submitted to within September 1st.
  • The assignment should either be an essay based on the oral presentation at the course, or an essay from a choice of 3 topics related to the course theme (the topics will be announced later).

Practical (GRS)

GRS members: The course is free for candidates and staff from the GRS owner institutions (HiB, HSH, HVO, UiS, UiB/GA).

External participants: There will be a course fee of NOK 3000.

The hosts provide:

  • Lunch all days
  • Coffee/tea and fruits in the breaks
  • Boat trip
  • Summer School Barbeque


Grand Hotel Stord
Address: Osen 5, 5405 Stord

Accommodation will be booked centrally by the course administration.
Participants that would like to stay at the hotel should tick for that in the online registration form (opening February 1st).