Prof. Staffan Selander

Keynote speaker: Prof. Staffan Selander
Time: 10th June, 14:30 – 16:00 & 11th June, 10:45 – 12:15
Title: Design-oriented Multimodal text analysis

In the seminars, we will explore a wider concept of text – the multimodal text – and also relate this to a design-theoretic thinking. The aim of the seminars is to: a) orient the participants in contemporary theories concerning texts and multimodal designs for learning; and b) give the participants tools to do empirical analysis.

Day 1
The seminar will present a design-oriented, multimodal perspective on texts and learning, and a new model for doing analysis of learning resources.

Day 2:
The participants will be able to specify their own research questions and test them in analytical work, based on the presented theoretic perspectives. We will do joint text-analysis from examples chosen by the participants

Some articles will be delivered before the seminar

Staffan Selander

Prof. Staffan Selander

Staffan Selander is Professor of Education and came to Stockholm University, Department of Computer and System Sciences, in early 2013 from the Department of Education. In his research he has a keen interest in learning, and in the interface that students encounter, i.e. the different learning processes.

He is coordinator for the profile area called Design for Learning (DEL), which includes areas such as mobile learning, game-based learning, and simulations. DEL also ties into the multi-modal perspective on communication and learning, focusing on both formal and informal learning environments. It’s about contributing to the development of new tools, but also the development of thought-models and tools to systematically study – and contribute to – a new approach to learning and change.