How to get there by express boat, bus or plane

Stord is a communication hub for the Sunnhordland region, and there are several options to choose from to get there. Below is an overview of transport possibilities which we believe will be helpful when you plan your journey in order to get to campus in time (by 12:30 on Monday 8th or 12:30 on Tuesday 9th).

From/To Bergen airport:

By express boat:

If you arrive at Flesland airport by an early morning flight, you might be able to catch the express boat which leaves from Flesland quay at 08:35, calling at Leirvik, Stord at 10:07. There is a shuttle bus at the airport which takes you to the quay, departing from the airport at 08:25.

For your home journey, there are express boats departing from Leirvik, Stord on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th at 17:00, calling at Flesland quay at 18:30. Shuttle bus takes you to the airport.

See this link for express boat services between Bergen, Flesland Airport and Leirvik, Stord.
See this link for bus service between airport and quay.

By Airport bus & Coastal express bus

If you can’t catch the express boat, there are many options by bus. The airport bus leaves for the Bergen bus station every 15 minutes. You may change en-route for the Costal Express Bus at the “Fjøsanger Miljølokk” which is 9 minutes before arriving at the Bergen bus station. The Coastal Express Bus calls at the Fjøsanger Miljølokk 9 minutes after it starts its journey to Stord (see timetable below).

Alternatively, you may travel by the Airport bus to its destination at Bergen bus station. The airport bus will stop right next to where the Coastal Express Bus starts its journey to Stord. The airport bus takes 25 minutes from the airport to the central bus station.

The Coastal Express Bus which departs from Bergen bus station at 10:00 will arrrive at Leirvik at 12:10, calling at Fjøsanger Miljølokk at 10:09.

See this link for Coastal Express Bus departure times from Bergen bus station.

By direct flight

“Stordflyet” is a direct flight operated by DAT between Oslo Gardermoen and Stord airport. It has a convenient morning flight on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th departing from Oslo Gardermoen at 08:30, arriving at Stord at 09:30. Alternatives are available for Sunday evening as well as on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

Flights back to Oslo are available on Thursday and Friday afternoon.

See this link for the Stordflyet website.