Paper sessions (NAFOL)

Wednesday June 10 th  13.15 – 14.15

Session 1 (Improvisation) – (Discussant: Keith Sawyer, chair: Kjellfrid Mæland)
Room:  UND 160 

Presenter Title  Cohort
Nora Sitter Defamiliarization and wide awakeness. Improvisation in reflecting on action 3
Ann Karin Orset The mask pedagogue as improvisator – The art of balancing structure and improvisation when teaching the neutral mask 3
Kristian Nødtvedt Knutsen Reflections form the inside out – doing improvised teaching 3

Session 2 – (Discussant: Staffan Selander, chair: Marit Kulild)
Room:  UND 263 

Presenter Title Cohort
Hege Myklebust Written argumentation – online and off 4
Kari Anne Rustand A study of concepts: writing vs genre 4

Session 3 – (Discussant: Anna-Lena Østern, chair: Helga Aadland )
Room:  UND 162 

Presenter Title Cohort
Anne Jordhus-Lier Content, Role and Mission of the Norwegian Municipal School of Music and Performing Arts 5
Torhild Høydalsvik Tact, having a good ear and pedagogical presence in connection with initiation of reform in higher education 5
 Geir Aaserud  Narrative methodology  4

Session 4 –  (Discussant: Ruth Leitch, chair: Michel Cabot)
Room:  UND 302

Presenter Title Cohort
Anna Rigmor Moxnes How do they make them reflect? – What do teachers in early childhood teacher education do to facilitate the reflections of their student teachers? 5
Tony Burner Studying processes of change when using the portfolio to enhance formative assessment 3
Elisabeth Iversen The researchers’ cross-roles in collaborative design-based research 5


Thursday June 11th  13.15 – 14.15

Session 5 – (Discussant: Keith Sawyer, chair: Kjellfrid Mæland)
Room:  UND 160 

Presenter Title Cohort
Sidsel Sandtrøen Improvisation in counselling and coaching. How can improvisation contribute to the performance in counselling and coaching? 4
Kai Arne Nyborg Defamiliarisation – antithetic to scaffolding? 3
Nicholas Sorensen Improvisation and teacher expertise: implications for the professional development of outstanding
Bath Spa University

Session 6 – (Discussant: May Britt Postholm, chair: Marit Kulild)
Room:  UND 263   

Presenter Title  Cohort
Bodil Svendsen Teacher professional development (TPD) by collaborative design:
A case of designing new teaching practice
Elisabeth Harris An investigation into the effectiveness of the strategies implemented to accelerate the progress of pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). Brunel University London

Session 7 – (Discussant: Gert Biesta, chair: Sissel Høisæter)
Room:  UND 162  

Presenter Title  Cohort
Svein Olav Ulstad Motivational predictors of autonomy support in physical education: Applied self-determination theory in order to study changes in motivation, perceived competence and learning strategy use among students so that they can improve their engagement, exertion and performance in physical education 4
Rannveig Björk Thorkelsdóttir Which elements of ecologies of practice seem to be of importance for drama teachers’ professional development and
well being?