The RespMath project in brief

What? This project is about developing assessment for learning (AfL) competencies in mathematics among Norwegian secondary school teachers. AfL is about teacher utilizing assessment information in order to inform and develop own teaching, and about engaging the student in a learning dialogue about own learning needs. We choose to call this responsive pedagogy.

How? RespMath is an intervention study conducted in cooperation with 10 lower secondary schools, 40 math teachers and approx. 1000 9th grade students in the West of Norway. The teachers will participate in designing the activity plan for the 7 months intervention period. During the intervention we will carefully examine what goes on in the classroom and measure student learning.

Why? Much international research has looked at the relationship between assessment and learning outcomes measured by tests; however, there is little Norwegian research examining this relationship. Moreover, whereas we acknowledge the importance of looking at the impact of assessment on students’ achievements, we assume there is more to learning than content achievements as regards to empowering students. Students’ belief in their own capacity to learn and their skills to regulate their own learning are crucial to developing life-long independent learners.

Research members of RespMath

Research members of RespMath. Back row from left: Professor Kari Smith, Professor Knut Steinar Engelsen, Associate Professor Frode Olav Haara, Associate Professor Ingrid Helleve. Front row from left: Associate Professor Siv Måseidvåg Gamlem, Associate Professor Anne Kristin Rønsen, Associate Professor Ann Karin Sandal.