Moving forward with the international advisory group

Our panel of international experts gathered in Bergen to a two-day intense meeting with the RespMath research team.

The advisory group was informed of the current status of the project, and the detailed plan on how the results will be analyzed and disseminated. Project manager, professor Knut Steinar Engelsen is very satisfied with the discussions.

– We got invaluable feedback on how to move the project forward, and the project group were eager to discuss important aspects of the project with experts in research fields related to the project design.
The RespMath project is currently in the middle of the intervention period, and 10  schools, approximately 40 teachers and about 1000 students are involved in the intervention. The aim is to aid the teachers in developing assessment for learning (AfL) competencies in mathematics.

AfL is about teacher utilizing assessment information in order to inform and develop own teaching, and about engaging the student in a learning dialogue about own learning needs. We choose to call this responsive pedagogy.

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