Gathering the Advisory Group at the final stage

With three months away from finalizing the project, the team gathered our international Advisory Group to discuss the key findings from the project.

The data, which includes quantitative and qualitative material from approximately 2.000 students and 37 math teachers, was presented and discussed in depth in order to finalize the forthcoming academic papers.

The main advice from the Advisory Group was to use the advantage of the rich data material to analyze the material at different levels to get a deeper understanding of the complex structures of Responsive Pedagogy.

Read more about our Advisory Group:

Professor John Gardner


Professor John Gardner

University of Stirling

Scotland, UK



Professor Reinhard Pekrun

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München



Profile picture Professor Mien Segers


Professor Mien Segers

Maastricht University

the Netherlands


Profile picture of Filip Dochy


Professor Filip Dochy

University of Leuven


Professor Louise Hayward


Professor Louise Hayward

University of Glasgow

Scotland, UK