Conference at Bergen University College

Negotiating neglected narratives

– Unpacking stories of children and teachers in educational practices

The Centre of Educational Research at Bergen University College invites narrative methodology researchers to a conference in Bergen, October 7– 8, 2015. In times of travelling global ideas, we will gather researchers for a dialogue about how to research local and situated practices in early childhood and teacher education.

The increasing worldwide government interest in early childhood education comes from the perspective that lifelong learning can develop nations economically and with this the importance of skill development becomes obvious. As a result we can see down schooling tendencies lay claim to the field and put pressure on the Nordic holistic model.

Children’s and teacher’s voices are already represented in research from all over the world about their perspectives on the pedagogy of early childhood. Nevertheless it is time to raise the question about the neglect of this knowledge in current public debates.

Furthermore, the conference will address how narrative inquiry fits research into cultural formation.In this conference, narrative research is considered a route to understand complexities in these fields. Narrative research design can be a way to gain access to the social reality as is describes in human experience.

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