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National focus on skills and competence a stimulating backdrop to implementing the SkillsREAL-project

SkillsStrategyNOSkills and competence, and related policy has been a growing topic in Norway recently. This provides a motivating and constructive grounds for implementing the SkillsREAL project.

Norway was the first country to sign an agreement  with OECD’s Skills Strategy. The latter shall help governments in the OECD member countries to develop strategies for their competence policy in order to prepare them to better meet uncertainties in their future developments. By doing this on the context of the OECD, the memeber countries can ideally learn from other countries’ experiences as well as together with them.

In Norway Skills Strategy is being implemented in broad cooperation between OECD and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Ministry of Education (coordinator) and Research, and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The goal Norway has set for the cooperation is to get a strategic assessment of their national competence policy, i.e. their national human capital. The report is expected later this year.

Almost all of the 12 skills challenges for Norway identified by the OECD’s diagnostic report – see picture – bear also relevance to the thematic in the SkillsREAL project. Examples are young people’s basic skills, school drop-out, participation in employment among young people with low basic skills, among older workers and among those on disability benefits, as well as competence reserve among immigrants.