The 6th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning with several SkillsREAL-presentations

Pic Nordic AE confrThe next Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning will be held in Tampere, Finland 25-28 March 2015. The conference theme this time is the planetary condition, described as follows:

“Both the theory and practice of adult education have developed much as a response to societal and economical change in a nation-state context. Currently researchers, practitioners and policy-makers of adult education are witnessing consequences of globalization, not only as increased interaction and mobility across different kinds of borders, but also as financial and economical, social and environmental crises at a global scale. The local challenges of adulthood are increasingly also planetary.”

The theme bears relevace also to the SkillsREAL-project, not least in regards migrants as one of our target groups. We are pleased that several papers in the conference will be presented from the SkillsREAL-project. Abstracts to the papers and more information available on the conference website – link.