Monthly Archives: September 2015

Next project meeting in the Oslo Science Park

ScienceparkOSLNext project meeting in SkillsREAL takes place next week Monday – Tuesday 28.-29.9.2015. This time we shall meet at the IRIS offices in the Oslo Science Park. We are very grateful to IRIS that they were able to provide us with a meeting venue!

We shall be hearing about the results in the Work Packages 2 and 3 as well as of the plans and progress in the the Work Packages 4 and 5. As the work in the latter two WPs is ongoing, we shall have a little methodology workshop related to them. Like in previous meetings, our focus will be in dissemination. The second day will be a dissemination workshop (WP6), where we shall, among others, start planning the Nordic workshop for 2016.

This time we shall also have the pleasure to have exchange with NIFU and their BRAIN-project – Barriers and drivers regarding adult education, skills acquisition and innovative activity – which was funded from the same research program by the Norwegian Research Council as SkillsREAL. Their project researcher Dorothy Sutherland Olsen will be visiting us and tell about their results and her first project publication.

Looking forward to good company in our small international research community and two super effective working days – as it happens that, according to NASA, a rare “full supermoon” is expected at the same time!