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Frokostseminar om unge inn i arbeidslivet

Tirsdag 30. mai arrangeres Forskning til frokost ved IRIS. Dette er et åpent seminar hvor temaet er unge og arbeid. Spørsmål som stilles er: Hvordan forberede unge på arbeidslivet, og hvem sin oppgave er dette? Hvordan kan vi fremme verdier for tilhørighet?

Her vil funn fra SkillsREAL prosjektet bli presentert, sammen med funn fra to andre prosjekter som handler om unge og arbeid.

Link til seminaret her.

“Et arbeidsmarked fore alle i nedgangstider?”

Gunn Vedøy og Merete Jonvik har skrivet en interessant kronikk i Rogalad Avis med utgangspunkt i foreløpige resultater fra SkillsREAL. Den peker på ulike utfordringer som unge, eldre og innvandrere har på arbeidsmarked, med ulike type behov for tilpasninger. Artikkelen lister sju kvaliteter som gjør arbeidsplassene gode, i følge undersøkelsen.

Lenken til artikkelen her.


The second international PIAAC conference

SkillsREAL in the II PIAAC confr 2015_NLRemember the first PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies) conference in Washington DC two years ago in 2013, which sort of also marked the beginning of the SkillsREAL-project? This week the second international PIAAC conference is taking place in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The purpose of the 2015 conference is to present work using data from the PIAAC relating to deployment of skills in the labout market, returns to education and skills, and influence of workplace training. The conference was organised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Social Affairs and Employment and Economic Affairs, together with thII PIAAC confr 2015_NLe Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the Research Centre for Education and the Labor Market (ROA) at Maastricht University. Speakers involved some of the leading researchers in economics and education economics in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Link to the conference agenda here.

From SkillsREAL three researchers attended the conference: Egil Gabrielsen from the University of Stavanger, Mary G. Billington representing both the University of Stavanger and the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), and Tarja Tikkanen from the University College of Stord/Haugesund.

Nasjonal kompetansestrategi

Nasjl kompetansestrategi_logoKunnskapsdepartementet jobber med en ny strategi for kompetansepolitikk. VOX (Nasjonal fagorgan for kompetansepolitikk), som er sekretær til arbeidet, skal arrangere en rekke temakonferanser relatert til dette arbeidet. Den første tok plass allerede 10. november 2015 – les mer om innholdet her. I løpet av våren 2016 arrangeres det fire temakonferanser til. Den første skal være i Stavanger i januar-februar med fokus på

  • Krav til omstilling og kompetanseheving i arbeidslivet
  • Bedre utnyttelse av innvandreres medbragte kompetanse.

Les mer på VOX sine websider – lenk herVOX_logo

A new white paper on “Lifelong learning and exclusion” in 2016

AE UDept_NOA highly relevant white paper to SkillsREAL is under development by the government, expected in the spring 2016. This indicates clearly that the government is concerned about adult education and places great importantance on it “for individuals, but also for society, the labour market and Norwegian competitiveness”. The goal is to develop a new, comprehensive policy for adults who are in risk of falling out of working life or already have done so. This is also largely the target group for SkillsREAL. Thus, we are very much looking forward to this white paper!

Read more about the work in English here and in Norwegian here.


Next project meeting in the Oslo Science Park

ScienceparkOSLNext project meeting in SkillsREAL takes place next week Monday – Tuesday 28.-29.9.2015. This time we shall meet at the IRIS offices in the Oslo Science Park. We are very grateful to IRIS that they were able to provide us with a meeting venue!

We shall be hearing about the results in the Work Packages 2 and 3 as well as of the plans and progress in the the Work Packages 4 and 5. As the work in the latter two WPs is ongoing, we shall have a little methodology workshop related to them. Like in previous meetings, our focus will be in dissemination. The second day will be a dissemination workshop (WP6), where we shall, among others, start planning the Nordic workshop for 2016.

This time we shall also have the pleasure to have exchange with NIFU and their BRAIN-project – Barriers and drivers regarding adult education, skills acquisition and innovative activity – which was funded from the same research program by the Norwegian Research Council as SkillsREAL. Their project researcher Dorothy Sutherland Olsen will be visiting us and tell about their results and her first project publication.

Looking forward to good company in our small international research community and two super effective working days – as it happens that, according to NASA, a rare “full supermoon” is expected at the same time!

Inclusive workplaces and promoting learning at work

IRIS_illIRIS is responsible for coordination of  the work-package four in SkillsREAL, a multi-method study on promoting learning at work. Related to that the research team is in full swing with the qualitative study of inclusive workplaces and lifelong learning (WP4). The team is interviewing managers, employee representatives and employees in selected enterprises in the Rogaland county.  The selected employees represent the three target groups in SkillsREAL: young workers, older workers and immigrant workers.

A rigorous process to identify enterprises recognized as cases of good practice, resulted in a list of enterprises from the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Despite the current rather challenging situation in the labour market in the region, many positive and committed enterprises have agreed to participate in the project. They are willing to share their experiences and knowledge in regards to creating an inclusive and productive workplace through promotion of lifelong learning and skills development.

The interviews will continue in the autumn.

Første møte i SkillsREAL referansegruppe

skillsreal_gruppa_rundt_motebord_hrDet første møtet i den regionale referansegruppen til SkillsREAL tok plass den 28.4.2015 i Haugesund. Referansegruppen skal bl.a. bidra til å ivareta brukerperspektivet og samfunnsrelevansen i prosjektet. Referansegruppen er viktig i implementeringen av den delen av prosjektarbeidet, som har som et mål å finne de gode eksemplene på de som lykkes med livslang læring, og herunder veier til innovative, teknologistøttede løsninger for voksnes læring.

I referansegruppen sitter representanter fra Fylkesmannen i Rogaland og Hordaland, LO, NHO, NAV, HSH og UiS EVU, Utdanning i Ryfylke, Hauglandsløftet, og VOFO Rogaland.

The third SkillsREAL project meeting successfully completed

Group pic_ssWe have just completed the third SkillsREAL project meeting in Tampere, Finland. Six papers/works on-progress were presented and discussed. So, it was a successful meeting! Thank you very much to all partners for your constructive contributions. Researchers from all partner institutes attended the meeting. In the picture (from left to right, front to back): Gunn Vedøy (IRIS, NO), Mary G. Billington (UiS & IRIS, NO), Tarja Tikkanen (HSH, NO),  Pelle Andersson (Linköping University, SE), Egil Gabrielsen (UiS, NO), Stephen Billett (Griffith University, AU), Heikki Silvennoinen (University of Turku, FI), and Paul Erik L. Rosenbaum (HSH, NO). Missing from the picture is Kari Nissinen (University of Jyväskylä, FI), who had to leave after the first day.

All the papers were also presented in the 6th Nordic Conference on Adult Education, which took place immediately after our project meeting, also in Tampere. The presentation titles and links to the abstracts are available under Dissemination on this website.

The 6th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning with several SkillsREAL-presentations

Pic Nordic AE confrThe next Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning will be held in Tampere, Finland 25-28 March 2015. The conference theme this time is the planetary condition, described as follows:

“Both the theory and practice of adult education have developed much as a response to societal and economical change in a nation-state context. Currently researchers, practitioners and policy-makers of adult education are witnessing consequences of globalization, not only as increased interaction and mobility across different kinds of borders, but also as financial and economical, social and environmental crises at a global scale. The local challenges of adulthood are increasingly also planetary.”

The theme bears relevace also to the SkillsREAL-project, not least in regards migrants as one of our target groups. We are pleased that several papers in the conference will be presented from the SkillsREAL-project. Abstracts to the papers and more information available on the conference website – link.