An interesting and inspiring project meeting in Gothenburg

P1090279The third SPEDUTEC-meeting took place this week in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden. As with the previous two meetings, this one was very interesting and organized with great skill and care. Thank you so much to our Swedish partners Eldorado and Certec /University of Lund!

P1090270The first day was a presentation of Eldorado, a care service unit of the City of Gothenburg, with a focus on their use of assistive technology and/in multisensory environments. A bonus was a presentation of the Rhyme-project by the visiting participants from the Institute of Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Birgitta and Anders-Petter had joined us out of their pure interest and devotion (and on their own expenses) to the SPEDUTEC-thematic in their own work. We are very grateful for that!

P1090298The second day, which we spent at the “house of possibilities”, Dalheimers hus”, the focus was more strongly on design and technology. Certec had put together and lead an interesting, informative and inspiring presentation and a technology workshop. Starting point was the brief videos that all partners were instructed to bring along from their countries to this partner meeting. Under a good guidance of Nina, Morten and Hector, then,P1090294 and with the help of littleBits, we got an introduction to the basics, the “inner life” of design technology. On the one hand we learned how challenging it is to develop and design optimal solutions to different end-users – in particular if communication with the latter is beyond the ordinary. Interdisciplinary cooperation is a must. On the other hand, we learned how “easy” the technology behind all those blinking lights, buzzes, sounds, and what have you, is. P1090293Indeed, it is not P1090310impossible that the workshop made a positive contribution to coming Christmas-sales at littleBits!

The third day had a dual focus on research and the project itself, and its possible future beyond the final meeting in Estonia in April 2016.

The contents of the meeting were successfully balanced between practice and theory, and in regards different disciplinary perspectives (trans-disciplinary). The reflections from the partners from the different Nordic countries added to the multilayered-ness of the discussions on the SPEDUTEC-thematic, on the meeting overall, and its impact on our (lifelong) learning. P1090302

All partners participated in the meeting, some with new persons in addition to their core group. The reflections of the program and experiences (evaluation) during the last day showed that also socially and culturally the meeting had been a success. More of the outcomes of the reflections in the pdf-file under the meeting documents (see Sweden under “Meetings”).P1090316

Finally, the choice of dinners – Turkish and Ethiopian – gave us an insight into the modern day Swedish society, which has become P1090276highly multicultural. In balance, delicious Swedish tastes were provided by the cantinas at the Eldorado and Dalheimers.