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The second meeting in Skanderborg, 13.-15. April 2015

SkandenborgmapThanks to Maurits, who has provided us som information about our second meeting site in Denmark. Skanderborg is situated almost in the middle of Jutland, the continental part of Denmark. The meeting will take place from lunch to lunch, i.e. from noon on Monday the 13. to noon on Wednesday the 15. of April. We have been reserved a hotel in Sølund, with reasonable room rates. Rooms have good facilities: bath and tv, internet, coffee and tea, with access to a big fridge with ice in the hallway.

There are two airports you can book your flights to: Aarhus and Billund. Aarhus is nearby, but does not have many departures. Billund is also close and has a lot of departures.

More information and the program will follow. Please, follow the contents under Meetings above.

Welcome to Nordplus SPEDUTEC

SPEDUTEC_DKSPEDUTEC is a project supported by the Nordplus Horizontal Programme under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our aim is to increase understanding on theory and pedagogical and technological practice on learning through assistive technologies (ATs) in multisensory environments. Furthermore, our goal is to build a new Nordic-Baltic network on the topic. Our main working methods is sharing our knowledge and experiences, and mutual learning. The disciplinary focus is in Special Education. This is addressed in parallel with mapping and exploring the possibilities of new technology, especially handheld technology.