Rommetveit school (Norway), 6th grade

The Write a Science Opera (WASO) project at Rommetveit school at Stord took place in during the period December, 2012- March, 2013.

It was produced by Stord/Haugesund University College in collaboration with Kværner Stord, Artesis Hogeschool in Belgium and the Dundalk Institute of Technology (Ireland). Scientific-industrial inspiration was received from a visit of the 6th graders to Kværner,  while creative instruction was provided by project leader Oded Ben-Horin and practicum students (in-training music teachers Marilen Jørgensen, Rachel Evensen, Aina Hatlevik, Serine Iversen, Leif Langaker, Bård Evensen, and Knut Heggdal) as well as other in-training students from Ireland and Belgium.

The result was the Write a Science Opera (WASO) performance “Pappa Kom Heim” (“Daddy Come Home”), about the family and social aspects of a community with a high number of North-Sea employees.

The opera’s performance, which was attended by and the mayor of Stord, Liv Kari Eskeland, who also provided a speech at the event, included music pupils from Norway, Cyprus and Greece via internet. Pupils in Cyprus and Greece had learned some motives of the opera’s music which they performed while the ensemble in Norway improvised. This procedure, during which music pupils/students create music together online in real time is called “LinkCast” by Professor Petros Stergiopoulos from Elinogermaniki Agogi school’s R&D Department in Greece, who has a great amount of experience in this field.

To see the newspaper’s Haugesunds Avis coverage of the opera, and the project’s poster please see the submenu.

“Bergen National Opera is so happy to be involved in Stord´s Write a Science Opera (WASO) project, and to continue to explore how music and theatre can combine with science in a way that builds exciting opera and creativity. Young minds, imagination and fresh ideas produce amazing energy – opera needs all these things for the future, and so we are excited to see and hear what Stord´s project will create. Lykke til!”

Mary Miller

General & Artistic Director, Bergen Nasjonale Opera