Stavanger Cathedral skole (Norway), high school

The Write a Science Opera (WASO) project at Stavanger Cathedral High school in Stavanger, Norway took place in August, 2013.

It was produced by the University of Stavanger in collaboration with Stord/Haugesund University College, and Bergeland High School.

Scientific information and guidance was provided by the school’s science teacher, Ingeborg Knævelsrud. Knævelsrud’s recommendation was to allow the pupils’ curriculum topic of Norther Lights inspire the opera.

The result was the Write a Science Opera (WASO) performance “Aurora”, about the history of Norwegian research of Northern Lights and the Lights’ scientific characteristics and origins.

Another high school in Stavanger, Bergeland, provided a wonderful exhibition inspired by the Northern Lights created by Bergeland’s visual arts and design specialization study.

The Project leader for the University of Stavanger was Mezzosoprano Bettina SmithKari Olene Oma Rønnes was the project’s Coordinator.

The project’s composer was Associate Professor Jostein Stalheim, from Bergen University College. The project’s Director was Magdalena Delis, and its Design/Costume instructor was Lena Buchacz, who is based in Oslo and one of whose more recent successful projects may be viewed here.

The team was completed by four students at the music teacher training department at Stord Haugesund University College: Eirik Størkensen, Solveig Maria Thoresen, Jone Grutle and Siv Vuilliomenet.

To read the words of the two opera chiefs, Pernille Paulsen and Joachim Haaland, please see the submenu.

“I am delighted to hear of the efforts you are making to produce the opera “Aurora”. What a brilliant idea this is and I am certain it will be a huge success. It is an excellent way to improve your scientific knowledge, make great music and most of alL to have fun doing so. I shall make sure I tell everybody about your work. I really look forward to learning more and hearing your music.  Good luck with this very exciting project.”

–        Barbie Drillsma, President, European Union of Science Journalists Association (EUSJA)